Dynamo Python Primer

About This Primer 👋

A Bit of Background

The Dynamo primer was written to help budding Dynamo scripters take their first steps into textual programming. It originates from a sense that making the leap from competent visual programmer to Python scripter was unnecessarily tricky.
Dynamo abstracts a lot of details away from us, making it easier to pick up for first time scripters. However, this simplicity comes at a cost; visual programming hides some of the best libraries and programming paradigms from us.
This primer aims to smooth out the transition between visual and textual programming. It aims to untangle the web of technologies and demystify the new jargon we'll encounter along the way. Finally, there is already enough dry technology documentation out there on the web. This guide aims to be something human-readable and, dare I say it - fun! 🦄.

About the Author

​Oliver Green is a UK-based architect 🏡 and software developer 👨‍💻. He has a passion for architecture, all things tech and automation.
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